Winning At Weight Loss

As the seasons begin to change, we look forward to upcoming pumpkin flavored everything, hot apple cider, and more baked treats. As we indulge in these delicious treats, we seldom think about burning extra calories by adding exercise. Enjoying these delicious fall treats can be the beginning of adding a few extra pounds this autumn. Then, there's Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we all know how easy it is to add a little bit more weight. It sneaks on easy, and we only wish it would drop off just as easy, but it doesn't.


Why are we obese?

You are most likely aware that obesity continues to be a problem in America as well as globally. There are many theories discussed as to why. Is it related to less activity and more convenience foods? Do we burn fewer calories than we did generations ago? Is it related to eating more and exercising less?

Whatever the reasons truly are, if you've ever tried, you know this is true: it is extremely challenging to drop any amount of weight once you have gained it. We change our diets, and we exercise, and we struggle to lose the weight we've gained. If we drop a few pounds, then we find it very challenging to keep those pounds off. It can be difficult to have the motivation necessary to do what you know is best.


We all know that exercise is beneficial to our health. However, exercise is often difficult to work into our already busy and frequently overcommitted schedules. Sometimes, we find ourselves not seeing the results we expected to see on the scales even though we feel we are doing all of the right things. We know that that exercising is still great for your body and mind, so you keep doing it because after all, it does make you feel better. Weight loss can even reduce the risk of numerous medical conditions including but not limited to: heart disease, reproductive problems, hypertension, stroke, and osteoarthritis.

Exercise can help you maintain your weight when combined with a sustainable diet. Afterall, exercising will burn some calories!


Weight Management Tips:

●      Weigh yourself once weekly

●      Restrict number of calories

●      Avoid high-fat foods

●      Control portion sizes

Kander Medical Group offers help with weight management by being with you every step of the way. It is much more than just some weight loss as they help you learn to keep it off.

Kander Medical Group is passionate about helping you achieve your optimal weight. They provide a personalized weight management program designed to meet individual needs of each patient.

Kander Medical Group can help you reach your goal weight. Contact us today to start a plan that will work for you and don't let weight start slowly creeping on through the quickly approaching holiday season.


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