The bathroom Scales

When is the last time you got on your scales? Do you even own one? When is the last time you discussed your weight publicly?

You know you have a set of scales, somewhere. So, you go ahead and dig them out and they need a battery. They don’t take just a “normal” battery that you have in your cabinet. You’ve got to go buy one of those round batteries that you just rarely ever purchase. In frustration, you stick the scales back in the closet.

Your clothing still fits and you aren’t forced to go up another size yet so you think, it’s ok. I’ll get the battery the next time I’m out. Three months go by and you find your clothes fitting tighter. Six months go by and you’re now buying the next size up as the pounds just keep creeping on slowly, year after year.

Life is busy and it’s hard to take time to exercise and difficult to eat the balanced diet that you know you need. You have assessed it and know there’s a lot more you can do to become healthy. You know that your weight and your health are closely linked and that carrying extra pounds around can cause so many preventable health problems. Now, you’re ready to develop a plan. You actually make a special trip out to purchase the round battery you need so you can see a number on the scales.

You are shocked at the number. How did a few pounds each year add up so quickly? You’ve never seen this weight and you cannot believe it belongs to you. You are now ready to make a change and a difference for your life.

Our team is here to help you face the scales and work with you one on one to devise a road map that will work for your weight loss journey.

 Facing the scale has become a big motivator for your journey. You are done pretending that the extra pounds don’t exist. Navigating this journey alone is too tough and we want to walk with you every step of the way to help you succeed and keep those extra pounds off forever.

You’ve got reinforcements in your team at Kaner Medical Group who are ready to help you travel on this journey successfully.

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