How To Properly Cover Coughs And Sneezes?

We all know that coughing and sneezing is a common way that germs are spread. But, exactly how do we properly cover a cough and a sneeze?


Many years ago, we were taught to cover our cough with our hand. Today, we know that when we cough into our hand, this spreads germs onto surfaces and to other people. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re standing in an elevator and someone sneezes without covering their sneeze. You are confined into a space that is accumulating with germs.

There were a lot of germs transmitted with their decision to everyone in that elevator. Sometimes our immune systems can fight off the germs without us ever knowing it and without us actually getting ill. Other times, we are knocked down a few days later with symptoms of a virus or infection.

How to properly cover your cough or sneeze?

What if you’re “THAT” person on the elevator that desperately needs to cough or sneeze? You feel in coming and have a split second to react.

Obviously, if you have a tissue available, sneeze into a tissue and discard your tissue after use. Never save it for another use. If there’s no tissue available, the best choice you can make is to sneeze into your sleeve or upper elbow. Whatever you do, don’t just sneeze into the environment or into your hands. Improperly covering a sneeze makes it too easy to share germs and can slow down your own recovery.

The best way to cover your cough is to cough into your upper elbow or sleeve to lessen the spread of germs..

Tips to prevent spreading germs

●     Wash hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

●     Use hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes for hands when soap and water are not available.

●     Use antibacterial wipes to wipe down appliance handles, faucet handles, door knobs and other frequently touched surfaces at home, in the car and at work.

If you are sick and know you are sick, the absolute best thing you can do is stay home, rest and recover. It’s the best etiquette to practice when you are coughing and sneezing as nobody wants you to share your germs. Talk with your employer about working from home or use your sick days as your co-workers really don’t want to experience your go-getter attitude and incredible work ethic when you are ill as they don’t have time to be sick either. You co-workers will be thankful you made the decision to stay home.

 Tips for staying well

●     Don’t skip meals.

●     Get enough rest and sleep.

●     Eat foods that are healthy for your body.

●     Exercise on a regular basis.

●     Manage your stress as it can impact your immune system.

Kaner Medical Group is here to help you when you’re ill with our Urgent Care and we want to help you stay healthy.

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