5 Tips for Holiday Health

We are in the midst of the holiday season and our routines often are interrupted and changed. We begin seeing different foods and treats as we stroll the grocery aisles and the commercials are appealing to pick up, eat out and purchase specialty holiday foods. While all of this is great and a taste sensation, it can add a lot of extra calories very quickly.

Most of the time as our schedules change, fitness and exercise can get shoved aside, after all, we are busy and this is only a brief season. While we enjoy the tempting treats and delicious meals, most of us misplace our discipline with exercise and making the best food selections during this busy and fun filled holiday season.

Thinking about and implementing a healthy plan during this holiday season can help you maintain your overall health, fitness and weight. Before you begin a new exercise routine or if you’ve been indulging since Halloween and realize pounds are sneaking on and you want to intensify your routine, talk with us first to be sure you’re doing it all safely.


5 Tips for Holiday Health:

1)  Maintain your normal activity level. Watching more holiday movies, socializing and visiting more can all cause us to not be as active as usual. Make sure you are maintaining your current level of exercise throughout the holiday season.

2)  Understand you must be flexible and be ready and willing to know your schedule will be interrupted during the holiday season which means you may end up exercising at night instead of in the morning. Just adjust and keep moving.

3)  Even if you never count calories, you may want to consider keeping an eye on calories during the holiday season as these treats, drinks and meals seem to be loaded with an abundance of calories.

4)  Indulge and enjoy all of these wonderful holiday foods. If you can do it in moderation and cut back where you can, it can help you get through the season without packing on extra weight.

5)  Be sure you are getting proper rest and sleep especially during the holidays which can be fun, exhausting and even stressful.

Whatever you are doing this holiday season, whether you are spending it at home or with family and friends, do your best to stay healthy. We all know that what we eat and staying active impacts our whole life. Our choices not only impacts our waist lines, it impacts our overall health too.

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