5 Simple Weight Management Tips

With about 160 million Americans struggling with being overweight or obese, weight management is a constant battle for most people. That’s why losing weight is among the most common New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, it’s also the New Year’s resolution that most people fail to achieve. 

If you’re overweight, chances are that you’ve tried to diet and exercise but simply haven’t been able to maintain a healthy weight. By now, you may have given up on trying to lose weight altogether, telling yourself it’s just not going to happen. Wait – don’t give up just yet. With the right approach, you can achieve a healthy weight, and it could even be simpler than you ever imagined. To get started on the right path, just follow these 5 easy tips:

  1. Reduce your portions—The average plate is loaded with portions that are far too big. Even restaurants serve up portions that are much larger than is recommended for a single meal. Try to start reducing your portion sizes, a little at a time if necessary. Ideally, your plate should contain a palm-size serving of a lean protein (like fish or chicken), a fist-size portion of an unrefined grain (e.g. rice), and a two-fist-size portion of colorful veggies. 
  2. Eat at the table—Make an effort to set aside time to sit down at the table for your meals. Why? When you’re at the table eating, it helps ensure you’re not munching down on unhealthy snacks and fast food while you’re on the go. It forces you to focus more on what you’re eating, so you’re feeding your body the right stuff.
  3. Get enough sleep—Your body needs sleep. In fact, not getting enough sleep is linked to being overweight. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t sleep enough. You should be aiming to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. 
  4. Set realistic goals—Having goals is a good thing when trying to lose weight. It gives you direction and motivation. However, it’s important that your goals are realistic. If you’re hoping to get a model’s body in a month, you’re probably going to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Failure to reach such goals can discourage you and make you want to quit. If you have a big goal, break it into smaller, more manageable goals (e.g. lose 2 pounds this week). This will keep you on track, and help you stay positive.
  5. Start moving—Believe it or not, you don’t need to sign up at a fancy gym to lose weight and get in a little better shape. You don’t need to run 10 miles a day either. Nor do you need to develop sculpted arms and six-pack abs like a bodybuilder. Instead, you just need to start moving a little more. Go for a brisk walk in the evenings. Do some body weight exercises to build up strength, like push-ups. Every little bit will help you burn calories and drop weight.

Need a little help losing weight? The experienced, friendly team at Kaner Medical Group can help you get on the path to achieving a healthier weight and slimmer figure.