Celebrating Or Ignoring Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or do your best to ignore it? There’s many ways to celebrate in addition to only celebrating the love of your life. This can include other special relationships in your life including children and senior citizens.


So it is a day set aside to to celebrate picking the right partner that is perfect for you, a day to appreciate love.

Your Valentine has a piece of your heart and this is a great time to think about how you can do things to have a healthier heart.

Valentine’s Day Heart Healthy Tips:

● Instead of delicious chocolates, consider a gift that will last longer and remind your Valentine of you. Write a poem or create a card describing your feelings. It’s mushy but healthier!

● Give the gift of time. It’s one of the most meaningful gifts anyone can give or receive especially in today’s busy world where we are so “socially connected” with everyone yet connecting less and less for those “front porch gatherings”. This can be a gift for any of your Valentine’s including parents, children, grandparents or a senior citizen who you know is alone.

● Instead of sending Valentine’s Day edible treats to events, consider sending fruit, pencils, markers and stickers. They can be age appropriate for nearly anyone and still show affection.

● Dining in is a great way to control ingredients, quality, calories and portions. Prepare a great meal at home knowing you have heart health in mind.

● Volunteer with a local organization or charity where you are paying it forward or giving back. This is a healthy thing to do that can help you feel better, manage stress and improve your mood all while doing something good for someone else.

This is a great opportunity to let others in your life know how important they are to you and how much you value their friendship, support, kindness and impact in your life.

● Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show the pet in your life some love too! Make it an annual time to buy a new pet bed, new pet housing or new pet toys.

Whatever you find to do or don’t do and however you celebrate, we hope you find a way to make it meaningful and fun. Since it is going to take so much effort to ignore all the hearts, candy and love everywhere, consider creating your own out of the box traditions that fit you.